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How can you have never been to the beach?

Written by ken hohstadt. Posted in Waldport


Many years ago I was in Lakewood Colorado taking a seven week class for telecommunications. It was so amazing to get to see some of the beauty that Colorado has to offer. After talking with several of the locals about things to do in the area I was asked a lot about Oregon. So many people I spoke with had never been to Oregon but that’s not the really crazy thing. After explaining about our amazing mountains, awesome places to fish and camp I would start to talk about the Oregon coast. I was shocked to learn that so many people in that area had never seen the ocean. How is that possible I asked myself. Having always lived somewhat close to the ocean I guess it’s easy to take it for granted. The beauty of the waves crashing and sand between your toes is just something everyone needs to experience in there lives. We are so lucky to get to live here in Waldport, Oregon. Miles of beaches and hidden coastal gems await you. Just a few miles south is the amazing little coastal town called Yachats. Great food, hotels and shopping await you. If you travel seven miles north of Waldport you will get to Newport, Oregon. This is where this picture was taken by Ken Gagne of Yachats. The artist Gagne is one of the most amazing photographers I have seen.  In 2012 he captured this incredible sunset at the South Beach Marina. Make sure and take a trip to the Oregon coast. Everyone should experience the beach.
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